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Selling Property?

Selling property can seem a mountainous task. There are different selling options, agencies and agents within to choose from, terms and conditions between yourself, agents and buyers. Everyone’s situation is different whilst every property is too. We thoroughly assess everything involved to ensure the sales process is smooth and stress free and ultimately the best possible price is achieved in the shortest possible time.

For a general outline on the services Kerr Property Group provides, this includes;

  • Detailed Site assessment of your property (Appraisal)
  • Choosing the right selling method
  • Organising all legal documentation required for the sale
  • A thorough assessment in suggesting the most suitable Agencies/Agents to assist with the sale
  • Arranging appointments to interview agencies and advising on choosing the selling agent/s
  • Negotiating on commission
  • Editing and approving all marketing material
  • Manage all communication from agency to owner/s throughout the entire sales process ensuring everyone is kept up to date and any matters can be managed promptly
  • A full understanding of all parties preferred selling conditions to assist in the negotiation process
  • Ensuring all legal matters are managed from the time of sale to settlement

Whether commercial or residential we have the expertise to assist on all fronts. Please give us a call to discuss more. We’d love to hear from you.

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